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Coconut, lime and passion fruit tart

An extremely creamy tart with a taste of the exotic! If anyone asked me what my favourite fruit tart was, my reply would probably be something along the lines of “anything with lemons and limes in it”! I actually really love citrus tarts and I find them so refreshing. For this tart, I wanted to…

3-ingredient chocolate coffee mousse

A delicious, 3-ingredient mousse that can literally be whipped up in no time. This 3-ingredient chocolate coffee mousse is quick, delicious and eggless ! I was looking for an Easter dessert to make quickly as I was feeling under the weather so didn’t have the time or energy to make the Easter cake that I’d…

Hazelnut and gooseberry cake

It’s about time that gooseberries became the stars of the show, and not the extras. I am so happy to have a recipe with gooseberries on my blog! I feel like we mostly only see gooseberries as simple decoration on cakes (understandably so as they are pretty little things!), but never really the star of…

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