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Halloween-themed chocolate bounty pops

Needless to say, you can make these delicious treats all-year round! Bounties are definitely one of my favourite chocolate bars! They bring back a lot of childhood memories as they were my go-to treat whenever I had the chance! For Halloween, I wanted to make a quick, easy and delicious treat and remembered I had…

Apoffee pies

Apoffee pies: just like little banoffee pies, but with apricots! I am a huge fan of any recipe with dulce de leche and I also LOVE banoffee pie! I intended to actually make little banoffee tartlets but then I thought, hold up – it’s June! Time to get more seasonal. Step in the apricots and…

Baked matcha doughnuts

Baked matcha doughnuts with a white chocolate matcha glaze – perfect for your sweet, matcha pick-me-up! I love doughnuts. Like really love them! It took me a while to get around to making my own because I tend to shy away from making deep fried sweet treats at home. Then realised that I could make…

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