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Apoffee pies

Apoffee pies: just like little banoffee pies, but with apricots! I am a huge fan of any recipe with dulce de leche and I also LOVE banoffee pie! I intended to actually make little banoffee tartlets but then I thought, hold up – it’s June! Time to get more seasonal. Step in the apricots and…

Baked matcha doughnuts

Baked matcha doughnuts with a white chocolate matcha glaze – perfect for your sweet, matcha pick-me-up! I love doughnuts. Like really love them! It took me a while to get around to making my own because I tend to shy away from making deep fried sweet treats at home. Then realised that I could make…

Coconut, lime and passion fruit tart

An extremely creamy tart with a taste of the exotic! If anyone asked me what my favourite fruit tart was, my reply would probably be something along the lines of “anything with lemons and limes in it”! I actually really love citrus tarts and I find them so refreshing. For this tart, I wanted to…

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